Funeral Services ~ Why You Should Pre-Plan Yours

People plan many special occasions and often look forward to celebrating them; however, when it comes to the final celebration of life, some people may find it difficult to plan or never follow through with it. The death of a loved one can also make it difficult for surviving relatives to plan even though funerals are one of the most important occasions. Funeral pre-planning with a funeral services provider is an excellent option that some people choose, and it offers numerous benefits.

Reduced Family Conflicts

If your family does not have any idea of how you want your funeral arrangements to be handled, they may have opposing views, which can create family disagreements and turmoil. During the grieving process, people can go through a variety of emotions, and those emotions can cause them to react. They might also make decisions in haste out of anger, frustration, or resentment. As part of your pre-planning, you could leave a letter or letters of comfort for your surviving relatives explaining that your funeral is planned and encourage them to get along and show loving acts towards each other as they get prepared to celebrate the life you lived. 

Self-Care and Preferences 

Perhaps you are a person who likes to do things yourself. By pre-planning your funeral, you will be able to ensure that you continue holding the same values about life all the way until your departure. You can make very specific requests such as the type of casket you want, burial site, funeral location, eulogy speaker, and funeral director. Perhaps you want to have a memorial and prefer cremation. This is also something that can be entered into your plans as well as whether or not you want your body available for viewing to everyone, no one, or relatives only. 

Advance Pay for Funeral Costs

The costs associated with funerals can be expensive, and even if you have life insurance, you could still leave a financial burden behind for your family. This is why it is sensible to take advantage of funeral pre-planning. Your family can use proceeds from life insurance policies to settle your debts or other estate matters, and any leftover funds can be distributed according to the terms of your will.

Even if you are a younger person who feels as though you are full of vitality and not at the peak of your life yet, funeral pre-planning is still ideal because unexpected deaths can happen to anyone at any age. Also, pre-paying for your funeral ensures that when things such as inflation or industry changes cause the costs of funeral services to rise in the future, your family will be unaffected by those higher costs because you will have paid in advance for your service. Some funeral services providers have payment plans for people who desire to pre-plan, which is beneficial if you do not have a lump sum of money to allocate for pre-payment. Talk to a home, like Holcombe-Fisher Funeral Home, for more help.