Preparing To Give Your Baby Up For Adoption

If you are pregnant, and you are not ready to become a mother at this time, you may have considered placing your baby up for adoption. This allows another family to take care of the baby, giving both the baby and the family the chance at a happy life. If you interested in finding adoptive parents, you will need to find an agency to help guide you through the process. Here is a summary what to expect if you decide to put a baby up for adoption.  

Continue Medical Care

It is important to continue seeing a doctor throughout your pregnancy both for your own health and for the health of the baby. Even if you know you will be giving up the baby for adoption, medical evaluations are necessary to make sure the baby is not born with problems. Continue to eat healthy foods, take your vitamins, get rest, and try to remain stress-free as you await the birth.

Find An Agency

When you decide you wish to find adoptive parents, let your doctor know. They will be able to give you information about adoption agencies in your area to help you start the process. They will also know of your wishes and will be aware of how to handle the situation when you give birth. Make appointments with a few agencies so you can find out their specific policies regarding adoptions. Do not settle for an agency if you do not feel comfortable with the way they handle adoptions.

When you find an agency (such as A Child's Dream) you like, a representative will give you information about parents they feel match how you want your child to be raised. You will be able to interview prospective parents along with an adoption agency representative and you will be able to decide if you wish to have them adopt your baby. 

Decide On Limits

Before you give birth, you will want to decide if you wish to see the baby or if you wish for it to be handed to the adoptive parents right away. You will also want to decide if you want the adoptive parents at the hospital with you when you give birth or if you would rather they stay away until after the baby is born. These are your personal decisions and you will be able to make your own choice depending on your feelings on these matters. Your doctor will honor your wishes, and the baby will start their life with their new parents shortly after birth.

Live With The Decision

Your body will go through hormonal changes right after the birth, so you will most like be depressed for a few days or weeks afterward. This is a good time to enlist friends to keep you company to help distract you and remind you of the great thing you have done for another family. If you are very depressed, counseling can be beneficial as well. Many adoptive parents will stay in contact with the birth parent to give them updates about the child as they grow. Knowing you have the decision to find out how your child is doing at any time, may help you get through rough times where you are not sure about the decision you had made.